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par Lison Detang 

Created in 2019 by Lison Detang, Andeliz offers tailor-made artistic direction, photography and photo editing services.

Trusting Andeliz means ensuring that your world is transcribed in pictures.

Lison Detang 

Former communication student trained in photography and retouching techniques; Lison likes to challenge herself and step out of her comfort zone to bring your ideas to life. With a strong photography culture ranging from portraits of Nadar to Lachlan Bailey images to strong works by Lindbergh, she has a universe of extremes.

Creating images where contrast meets softness; sometimes offering dark and mysterious visuals, sometimes soft, solar and vaporous works. Lison uses her sensitivity to feel and adapt to your world to create a unique and impactful encounter between her vision and yours.

Clients :
Onérique Paris , Maison Massillon, Demain Beauty, Maison Lemoine, Maison Sylvie Plicque, Tiktok Six Nations ....
Publications  :
Photo Vogue, Weekly Style Magazine 
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